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Step into the suspenseful world of Patty Moore

Patty Moore, a name synonymous with heart-pounding suspense, is celebrated for weaving enigmatic narratives that unveil the concealed, the obscured, and the intensely gripping. With every film, she plunges into the depths of mystery, orchestrating nail-biting tension and unforgettable characters, keeping her audience on the edge of their seats.

The Midnight Enigma (2026)

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Originating from the lively streets of Melbourne, Australia, Patty Moore is a celebrated director renowned for her enigmatic cinematic flair. Unveiling the depths of the human psyche and pushing the boundaries of storytelling, Patty Moore is the brilliant mind behind some of the most gripping psychological thrillers in the industry. With a unique ability to blur the lines between reality and illusion, Patty Moore’s films are a rollercoaster of suspense, taking viewers on a relentless journey into the enigmatic realms of the mind.

My approach

I have always been captivated by the intricacies of suspense and the power of mystery in storytelling. My approach to crafting compelling and unforgettable thrillers is rooted in my passion for creating intense, thought-provoking, and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on the audience. I look forward to continuing to craft gripping stories that challenge, entertain, and push the boundaries of the thriller genre.


Patty Moore’s educational journey has equipped her with a deep understanding of the nuances of thriller filmmaking, from crafting suspenseful narratives to creating immersive cinematic atmospheres. Her commitment to mastering the art of mystery and suspense is evident in her academic accomplishments.

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies

Coverton College, New Orleans

Concentration: Film Analysis & Cinematic Storytelling

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies

CineMystery Institute, Los Angeles

Specialization: Thriller Filmmaking & Cinematic Atmosphere

Honors: Graduated with Distinction for Outstanding Directorial Achievements

Masterclass in Psychological Thriller Filmmaking

Obscura Film Institute, London

Focused on the psychological aspects of storytelling, delving into the art of suspense, subtext, and building tension.

Short Course in Cinematic Sound Design

Whisper Studios, San Francisco

Studied the art of creating immersive soundscapes to enhance the atmospheric quality of thriller films.

Body of work


Abyss of Deceptions

A gripping coastal thriller that masterfully combines the serene charm of a coastal setting with an enthralling mystery.


The Midnight Enigma

A mind-bending psychological thriller that follows a detective on a race against time to solve a series of cryptic and interconnected mysteries.


Shadows of Deceit

A suspenseful noir-inspired thriller where a private investigator delves into a web of conspiracy and intrigue in the dimly lit streets of a mysterious city.


Cryptic Descent

A spine-tingling horror-thriller that takes place in an abandoned asylum, where a group of urban explorers encounters supernatural forces.


The Vanishing Act

A psychological thriller that explores the unsettling disappearance of a renowned illusionist, forcing a journalist to untangle the threads of illusion.


Reflections of Fear

A haunting thriller that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural as a young woman confronts her own reflections in an eerie

old mirror.


Margot Elsher

Lead Actress in Abyss of Deceptions

“Patty Moore’s direction is a revelation. She effortlessly navigated the complexities of

Abyss of Deceptions and brought a unique blend of serenity and suspense to life. Her vision and dedication to the thriller genre are truly exceptional."

John Smith

Producer of The Midnight Enigma

“Patty Moore is a master of suspense. Her ability to create an atmosphere of mystery and tension is nothing short of remarkable. Collaborating with her on The Midnight Enigma was a thrilling experience, and her directorial skills are second to none.”

Michael Brown

Cinematographer on Shadows of Deceit

“Patty Moore’s attention to detail and understanding of visual storytelling are exceptional. Shadows of Deceit was a collaborative triumph, and Patty’s ability to create the perfect noir atmosphere was both inspiring and captivating.”

Alice Carter

Art Director for Cryptic Descent

“Working with Patty Moore on Cryptic Descent was a spine-tingling journey of creativity. Her keen eye for detail and her commitment to crafting the right aesthetics for a horror-thriller was instrumental in making the film a gripping visual experience. Patty is a director who truly knows how to set the stage for suspense.”


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Golden Thrillmaster Award

Best Thriller Direction for Abyss of Deceptions (2030)

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Film Festival

Most Suspenseful Narrative for The Midnight Enigma (2026)

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Wreath Glyph Icon

ThrillMakers Showcase

Director of the Month

(February 2023)

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The Edge-of-Your-Seat Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Thriller Screenwriting for Cryptic Descent (2018)

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Wreath Glyph Icon

Spine-Tingler Cinema Awards

Best Thriller Ensemble Cast for Shadows of Deceit (2023)

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Trailblazer Award for Contributions to the Thriller Genre (2018)

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and Suspense


Most Innovative Thriller for Reflections of Fear (2013)


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